Several years ago, I was at a conference, held by my employer.  A full day of teaching workshops and talking to customers culminated in a fun casino-night event for all conference staff, vendors, and guests.  The room was abuzz, food and drinks were plentiful, and there was no shortage of conversation and laughter.  I found myself standing in a circle of people, talking and having a great time, when the woman next to me casually put her hand on my arm.  She stopped mid-sentence, and her eyes lit up.  “Her skin is like butter!” she said out loud to the rest of the group.  She asked what my secret was.  “Liquid gold”, I said with a smile on my face.  The conversation, as well as the evening continued along.

Liquid gold.  I’d been using pure, unrefined shea butter on my skin and hair for years, and it was my secret to smooth radiant skin and healthy hair.  Back then, I didn’t know why it worked so well.  I just knew it did–and I’d coined it Liquid Gold.  I began to educate myself on the personal care products I was using for myself and my family and I was amazed at some of the things I learned about shea butter.

The Shea tree, which grows in west Africa, was thought to have spiritual powers, and was considered sacred.  A fat, extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree, unrefined shea butter is yellow in color.  This golden goodness is chock-full of vitamin A–which is key for healthy skin.  Vitamin A has been shown to protect skin from UV damage, and is also essential for skin cell production and turnover, which means you’ll have more healthy skin cells, an even skin tone, and a beautiful glow.

Shea butter seals in moisture.  In addition to keeping precious moisture and hydration locked into the skin, when applied after bathing, shea butter also helps protect your skin from the harmful elements that can dry your skin out.  No chapped, wind-burned, or flaky skin here!

Some believe it was used by Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba!  Is it any wonder why?!?

Shea butter has a light, nutty scent.  It’s semi-solid, and very soft.  With a melting point of about 76 degrees, it literally melts in your hands.  Shea butter is easily absorbed into the skin, and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple for hours.  It also “plays well with others” and can be used in numerous skin and hair care applications as well as candles, soaps, and more.  Shea butter is a versatile, powerful tool to have in your personal care arsenal.  That’s why we include it in many Plume Body Care products.  Trust me, your skin will thank you!