//Triple Butter Body Cream

Triple Butter Body Cream


Plume Body Care Triple Butter Body Cream is a rich and creamy treat for your skin.

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Delight your skin with the rich, creamy blend of skin-nourishing butters and oils in our Triple Butter Body Cream. Using high quality, all-natural ingredients including shea butter, mango butter, and other nourishing oils, this ultra-luxe whipped body butter will leave your skin feeling soft & moisturized.

Packed with anti-oxidents, vitamins, lipids and amino acids, Plume Body Care Triple Butter Body Cream is just what your skin needs to flourish, and look its very best!

Directions for Use:For best results, and to help seal in moisture, apply Plume Body Care Triple Butter Body Cream to freshly towel-dried skin, just after a shower or bath. Scoop a qurter-sized amount into hand, rub together, and then massage into your skin. A little bit goes a long way. Plume Body Care Triple Butter Body Cream is preservative-free—always use clean, dry hands to remove product from the jar.

Note: Our Whipped Body Butter has a melting point of about 80 degrees, so while it is creamy and semi-solid in its jar, it will liquefy upon contact with your skin. Because Plume Body Care Triple Butter Body Cream is an all-natural product, without stabilizers or waxes, it is sensitive to temperature changes.  During warm weather the product may soften or melt.  Simply chill the product to harden it, however it may not retain its original light, whipped texture.  This softening doesn’t change the quality or effectiveness of the product.

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